<tc>How it started</tc>

Easy transition from breast to bottle
From the moment of birth, your baby will reach for the breast. Latching on, drinking, taking a break and starting again - it all works well and intuitively. Until the day comes that you switch to bottle feeding. The transition from breast to bottle feeding is often accompanied by complications such as cramps or poor latching on. 

As the father of twins, Frenkel experienced the difficulties of transition times two. As a product designer, he also felt challenged. What would happen if one designed a bottle that closely resembled nature? One that prevents air from entering while drinking and therefore reduces the risk of cramps? In partnership with Loes, Frenkel took up the challenge of designing a bottle that imitates the breast's drinking technique. A bottle that makes the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding and combining the two easier for your baby and therefore also for you.

Mimic copies the shape and drinking technique of the breast

And so Mimic was born. Mimic is derived from the term biomimicry which means 'imitating life'. And that's exactly what the Mimic bottle does. We copy the drinking technique and the shape of the breast. Thanks to the unique drinking system, babies are able to drink smoothly and hardly notice any difference between drinking from the breast and from the bottle. 

So here's to beautiful drinking moments for you and your baby!

Loes & Frenkel.